Podcast Interview – Between Creativity and Practicality

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After being interviewed on the Roley Show podcast, I had a small epiphany about creativity.

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Last week Kris Roley of the Roley Show interviewed me for his new series featuring creatives!


We had a great conversation, and it was really nice to connect with someone else who is currently forging their own way in the creative / film / video production sphere.


One thing Kris asked me about during the interview was what I did for self care. One of the things I mentioned was reading fiction, but I also said that because time is limited, I found it challenging to take a risk on a fiction book in case it fails to satisfy. I’ve been thinking about this comment since the interview.

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I’m not sure if you’re like me, but when I was a kid, I LOVED going to the library and browsing the shelves. As I browsed, I would select a book, flip to a random page, and if I liked the writing, the book would go into my reading pile to be checked out. Every time I selected a book like this, I was taking a small risk.


Cue the epiphany moment!!! I can’t believe that I keep talking about losing my creativity, and yet, I’m not even taking some of the smallest risks that would perhaps help me recover it. Gahhhh!

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Art is often the embodiment of risk. You cannot create if you don’t take the risk of trying to transform the idea in your head into something others can interact with.


Thank you Kris for helping me realize that I need to start taking some of the little risks to find courage for the big ones!

Nicole Bedford smiling and holding up four library books to the camera, two in each hand.

Have any fiction books you really loved? Let me know!

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