Successful communication starts with a clear plan.

Whether you need a single video strategy or an overarching communications plan, I can help.

Through strategy development, I work with you to understand your communication goals and get familiar with your target audience. This process ensures your communications products, including videos, are built based on solid research that leads to audience engagement.

I can provide strategies for videos yet to be created, social media strategies, campaign-specific strategies, and overarching communications strategies.

What you get

A strategy brief based on research (sometimes including interviews) that includes hypotheses, initial assumptions, and some high-level recommendations around:

  • Business Goals: Why are you creating X content?
  • Content Goals: What do you want X content to do?
  • Audience Personas: Who will X content speak to?
  • Competition: What makes you/X content unique?
  • Content Formats: What content types can you create? (Communications strategies)
  • Distribution: Where will X content live?
  • Implementation: Who will produce X content?
  • Measurement: How will you track success?