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Men & Power

Are you a man with thoughts on men’s power?


Then I want to hear from you!


I am in production on my new documentary Men & Power [working title]. This documentary explores how men define power, how they use it, what power they have, and what power they want.


I am looking to interview and collect the survey or voice message responses from a variety of men between the ages of 13 – 80, from different cultural and class backgrounds, and with a variety of different views on the topic.


Want to participate?


–>To provide a short (est. 30min) on-camera or audio only interview, contact:


–>To respond to our anonymous survey, click here!


–>To leave an anonymous voice message* call 613 518 6982.

(Leave as many messages as needed to share your full thoughts).


*By leaving your voice message, you grant Nicole Bedford, the Producer, the right to use your voice message in every way, in every medium and format, in perpetuity, including, without limitation, to use, rerecord using voiceover, reproduce, distribute, publish, display, broadcast, and post in and in relation to the Production. In granting these rights, you wish to remain anonymous and for your personal information, including your name, voice unless substantially altered, professional and personal biographical information not to be included in the Production in any capacity. You waive all moral rights associated with your voice message and release the Producer from all manners of action in connection with your voice message and use thereof in the Production.

Creator :

Nicole Bedford