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Library and Archives Canada Scholar Awards

In early 2023, I supported Library and Archives Canada in creating 13 videos for their annual Library and Archives Canada Scholar Awards. The videos included:

  • Five short scripted videos highlighting each of the winners and their accomplishments (linked to above and below)
  • Five documentary interview videos — one with each of the recipients
  • One full-length video incorporating a revised intro, the scripted and documentary videos, and a sponsor message. This version was screened on CBC GEM and can be viewed on YouTube here.
  • Two trailers (one in English and one in French).

My work entailed coordinating the recipients and their shoots, sourcing and collecting archival materials, securing permissions, sourcing graphics and music for selection by the editor, etc.


I also conceptualized the overarching artistic approach to each of the recipient videos and directed our wonderful editor, Gisela Restrepo, through the creation of the narrative pieces; I planned, created interview questions for, and scripted the documentary pieces; and I provided Gisela with detailed direction and feedback on drafts of each video.

Client :

Executive Producer :

Producer :

UK Director :

Videographers :

Editor :

Production Manager :

Library and Archives Canada
Nick Masciantonio
Nicole Bedford
Alan Benson
Mark Leslie & Steve Haskett (UK)
Gisela Restrepo
Nicole Bedford