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Rolling with the punches during COVID

Rolling with the punches during COVID was developed through a “digital cue” research process. The research participants were asked to take pictures of items that represented the impacts of COVID-19 on their lives as persons with intellectual disabilities. The researcher then used these images as “digital cues” to better understand participants’ lived experiences during COVID.


Once the research was collected and analyzed, anonymized interview content was “scripted” into a short video capturing the various themes raised by the research participants. Images taken by the research participants were also layered into the video in creative ways to fully capture the participants’ experiences.


This research was funded by Nipissing University COVID-19 Funding Grant. To learn more about this research, contact Anna Przednowek at AnnaP[at]

Client :

Anna Przednowek (Nipissing University)

Voice Actor :

Matthew Muise