Shopify Raplication

Youtube video player image of a young woman being interviewed for a documentary.
Making Dreams a Reality
March 1, 2015
Youtube video player image of Chris Bart, lead faculty of the Directors College in 2014, being interviewed.
The Directors College Promo Video
May 29, 2014
  • TaskMusic video for Shopify application.

When Ahmed Elchamaa asked us to help him shoot and edit a “raplication” video for him in under a week, we stepped up to the challenge and produced this fun little gem. The result for Ahmed? The video was circulated by the manager to employees at Shopify with the explanation that it was the best Shopify application they had ever seen!

Lyrics: Written and performed by Ahmed Elchamaa

Videography: Doug Rotar and Ahmed Elchamaa

Editing: Nicole Bedford