Poverty Is…

mother in the mirror
May 15, 2017
Cronkwright Family Fishing Tournament
November 7, 2016
  • TaskEducational video to describe concepts of poverty and poverty reduction.

In this video, the Community First: Impacts of Community Engagement project’s Poverty Reduction Hub members shared their thoughts on what poverty is, and what poverty reduction means to them.

Speakers featured in the video include (in order of appearance):
-Sughandi del Canto, (past) Research Assistant, University of Saskatchewan/Station 20 West
-Dr. Isobel M. Findlay, University Co-Director, Community-University Institute for Social Research, University of Saskatchewan
-Sana Rachel Sunny, Research Assistant, University of Saskatchewan/Station 20 West
-Amanda Lefrancois, Research Assistant, University of Windsor/Pathway to Potential
-Elly Zeng, Research Assistant, McMaster University and the Hamilton Roundtable for Poverty Reduction
-Suresh Kalagnanam, Associate Professor, University of Saskatchewan
-Aaron Kozak, CFICE Poverty Hub Research Assistant
-Melanie Hientz, Evaluation and Communications Manager, Living SJ
-Len Usiskin, Manager, Station 20 West
-Liz Weaver, Vice President, Tamarack Institute
-Karen Schwartz, Academic Co-lead, CFICE Poverty Reduction Hub
-Lisa Erickson, Manager of Community Engagement and Outreach, University of Saskatchewan
-Colleen Christopherson-Cote, Community Partnership Facilitator, Saskatoon Regional Intersectoral Committee