You want videos that reach your audience, deliver your message, and inspire action.

And I want to make them.

My production process is designed to ensure clear alignment on project objectives and open communication at a frequency that fits your needs.
While each video product is different, there is a general process that I follow for all productions to ensure we remain on the same page throughout the entire process.

Initial Consultation:

This step may take place over email, phone, or in-person. During this step, I get a general sense of what services you’re looking for and when you need them. Following this consultation, I will provide a quote including an outline of the services included, an associated timeline, and a payment schedule (generally: 30% on acceptance of quote; 30% after script approval; remaining balance upon delivery of final product). If you accept my quote, we will move to the next stages of the process.

Discovery Session:

I walk you through a discovery session. The aim of this meeting is to get an understanding of your organization’s needs, goals, and target audiences. It may also include requests for inspirational or strategic material from your organization (stories, existing videos, ads, example of current communications strategy, etc.). If I am providing video production services, it will include discussion about creative aspirations and possible storylines for the video.

For strategy services, following this session, I will complete market research and will deliver your strategy brief.

For video production services, this session will result in a creative brief.

For marketing services, this session will result in a marketing plan.

For Full Package services, following this session I will complete market research to complete the strategy brief, and I will develop the creative brief.


Depending on your video product, this stage will involve developing either a detailed script or narrative outline with associated interview questions. This work will be completed in consultation with you. A storyboard may be included as a deliverable for non-documentary videos. I will also develop a project plan, which will include a detailed production timeline. Once these materials have been approved, we will move to the next stage.


During this stage, I will work with my team to follow the production plan and capture the footage needed for the video. This may involve coming to your location and conducting interviews, setting up dedicated shoots, etc. All the details will be part of the production plan approved during pre-production.

If you have requested live streaming services, this will be when we attend and broadcast your event.


During this stage, I bring your story to life by piecing together the footage in adherence with the script or narrative arc. I add appropriate music, mix the sound, and add any needed graphic elements. I will provide an initial rough cut of the video for review and feedback, followed by a second cut. The second cut is generally the last review before the final product is delivered.

Delivery and Distribution:

I deliver the final copy of your video in the necessary formats. If you have requested the full package, or marketing services, I deliver your video along with a detailed distribution and promotion plan that guides you on the most effective way to post, title, describe, and distribute your video.
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