Opportunity for Ottawa Media Artists!

Pitch your ideas to the CBC Creator Network!

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Calling all Ottawa Artists! Do you have a cool digital project you’d like to create? Do you want to collaborate with the CBC to do it? Then pitch your idea to the new Creator Network based here in Ottawa!

What are they looking for?

The CBC is specifically looking for content that will appeal to audiences ages 18 – 40 who are based in Ottawa, Eastern Ontario, and Western Quebec.


Content creators can be writers, filmmakers, bloggers, photographers, poets, dancers, artists, graphic designers, animators, chefs, foodies, or anyone else with a vision and compelling story to tell. 


Creators should be able to create digital video content such as short videos (up to 5 minutes long), short docs, photo essays, commissioned illustrations, animation, comedy, explainers and more — from start to finish!

The pitch

Prepare your pitch by emailing the following information to the CBC Ottawa Creator Network Producers at CreatorNetworkOtt@cbc.ca:


  • What’s your idea? How is it fresh and new?
  • What’s the takeaway? What will folks learn from your story?
  • What are the visuals?
  • Who is your audience?
  • Who is your team?
  • How long will the project take?
  • Why do you want to work with the CBC?


You can download the full (3-page) pitch package here.


Let me know what you end up pitching! I hope your work gets selected!

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